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Maple Bluff Beach    Burrows Park    Tenney Park    James Madison Park    Edgewater Hotel    UW Memorial Union


To all Captains Spectating on Lake Mendota:

This area gets very congested, so we kindly request only Parade Boats and Parade Officials be in this area during formation. (see Parade Route page for map)


We ask that all spectating Captains help us in our timeliness by staying clear of the parade route.  Feel free to cross the parade route, but please wait until well after our last parade boat has gone by.

Please anchor in front of vacant shoreline areas so you do not block the view of shoreline spectators for the parade and fireworks.

FIREWORKS TIME (9:15 PM - estimate)
In past years, we have experienced a delay in fireworks due to spectators anchoring within 750 feet of Spectrum Pyrotechnics’ fireworks barges.  Due to our unique fireworks display, it is imperative to maintain a 1,500’ diameter of “no man’s land” around each barge.  Please join our Parade Officials in reminding spectators of our Safety Zone to avoid future delay in fireworks.


Please donate now (on our home page) to help pay for fireworks!